An analysis of individual struggles depicted in behind the urals by john scott

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The story implicitly criticizes simplistic stories of survival, but is not entirely pessimistic.

Book Review: John Scott – Behind the Urals

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Scott Nearing

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Where the Waters are Born.

A Review of Behind The Urals By John Scott

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Scott, John – Behind the Urals: An American Worker in Russia’s City of Steel () Category: history, Soviet Union, Stalin; Rating: 5/5 Fear and Fervor under Stalinist Industrialization.

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John Scott (writer) – John Scott was an American writer and author of Behind the Urals, An American Worker in Russias City of Steel who worked in the Office of Strategic Services during World War II. The OSS was the organization to the Central Intelligence Agency.

An analysis of individual struggles depicted in behind the urals by john scott
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