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The boy was around seven years of age at the time of his death. Richard Neave, Bog bodies windeby girl Manchester University, took a CT scan of the skull of Yde Girl and determined her age, both anatomically and historically. The body was found clad in a woolen cape and with a woolen band, made in a braiding technique known as sprangwrapped around the neck, suggesting she was executed or sacrificed.

By using the word tug it is a very onomatopoeic way to start a poem, and by using such a strong line to start the poem it emphasizes the way in which he identifies himself with her. CT scans revealed evidence of scoliosis, an abnormal curvature of the spine. After peat cutters dug up his body inX-ray and computed tomography CT scans showed he had received a sharp blow to the legs that brought him to his knees.

He was bound with leather thongs, wrapped tightly around his body. A study of the pigments in her hair later showed that it was actually blonde, but tannins in the bog had dyed it a fiery red.

Her body is kept at the Drents Museum, in the Netherlands. When the finer details are preserved, as with Otzi and the bog bodies, we can tell these individual stories, but it almost hinders interpretation at the same time.

Some bog bodies, such as Tollund Man from Denmark, have been found with the rope used to strangle them still around their necks. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 17, A slaughtered outcast — B.

He is believed to have lived around AD. Therefore, the accuracy of this ancient source may be called into question. More recently, investigations of his tibia showed marks of increased bone density known as Harris lines, which indicate arrested growth and suggest he suffered severe stress, possibly due to malnutrition during early youth or infancy.

Richard Neaveof Manchester University, took a CT scan of the skull of Yde Girl and determined her age, both anatomically and historically. Interpretations of the forensic examinations vary; it is debated whether they were ritually slain and placed in the bog as an execution for a crime or as a human sacrifice.

The cause of the man's death was a blow to the left temple. Experts debate over why he was murdered. In terms of determining the cause of death of the bodies, in a surprising number of cases, there are obvious signs of violence and murder.

Originally published in The bog bodies seem consistently to have been members of the upper class: These accidental mummies have inspired generations of scholars and writers, including famed psychologist Carl Jung and the late Irish poet Seamus Heaney. His remains, as well as those of Elling Woman, which were found nearby, are on display at the Silkeborg Museum in Silkeborg, Denmark.

These give a good picture of the diet of those people. Otzi is most likely a murder victim, according to the class lectures and videos. Archaeology Ireland Heritage Guide No.

The bog acids, with pH levels similar to vinegar, conserve the human bodies in the same way as fruit is preserved by pickling. This environment, highly acidic and devoid of oxygen, denies the prevalent subsurface aerobic organisms any opportunity to initiate decomposition.

Layers of sphagnum and peat assist in preserving the cadavers by enveloping the tissue in a cold immobilizing matrix, impeding water circulation and any oxygenation. One of few children disinterred from the bog, Kayhausen Boy died from repeated stabbings in the throat.In bog body the remains are now called Windeby years scientists puzzled over the death of Grauballe Man, found in Denmark—his throat was cut and his head smashed in, suggesting a ritual of several stages—but it is now known that the damage to his skull was caused by the weight of.

Notable Bog Bodies.

Bog bodies?

Windeby I, found in in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Yde Girl, BCE– CE, found in near Yde, Netherlands. For a more comprehensive list of bog body discoveries, see List of bog bodies. Read more about this topic: Bog Body. The bog bodies in this report are the Windeby Girl, Lindow Man, Tollund Man, Grauballe Man and the Elling Woman.

Also, there is information on where they died, what their last meal was and how they died. Windeby is an estate near Schleswig that contains a small bog where two bodies have been found.

List of bog bodies

Inthe owners decided to cut the peat and sell it for fuel. Shortly, workers discovered a body (originally thought to be a fourteen-year-old girl) now known as Windeby I. Week 4- Bog bodies and the Ice Man.

Most of the bog bodies which have been discovered also show evidence of having suffered violent deaths. Many were stabbed, drowned, hung or a combination of the above. Some, like Tollund Man, appear calm and peaceful. The Windeby ‘Girl’ may have even been drugged before his death to cause less.

Yde Girl The Bog Bodies Over the past few centuries, remains of many hundreds of people - men, women, and children - have come to light during peat cutting activities in.

Bog bodies windeby girl
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